Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So this is how it starts.

I understand that I am a decade late from foraying into blog-space.
But what I feel different about is:
Given that blogging is all about writing, I was never away from it.
Over the last 10 years I have been writing a daily diary. My daily diary however is not quite the quintessential diary that most people possibly write. I do not gossip all over my diary, neither do I make routine calculations of expenses.
For me the diary is my thought dumping ground.
It started as my haven where I could write my life and no one would judge me. With time I began reading out excerpts from my diary to a few close friends and I could say they enjoyed it. This got me thinking.
Should I write with an audience in mind?
If I do, how would that hamper my writing?
Would it kill the independence? Would it make me ruminate unnecessarily over censorship of my data?

Any person who  loves to write is fiercely protective about his story.
He hates it when society decides to be a guardian.
Freedom of speech is one of those fundamental rights which gets largely misused by both parties.
The writer often sensationalizes an issue on purpose. Pretty much the Rakhi Sawant of writers.
The audience on the other hand often joins the band-wagon of hate, quite unknowingly.
And the best part of all this is: either way your story becomes a run-away success

I genuinely wonder if renowned authors would write the same way as they do, if they had no audience in mind? Just a few sheets of paper and a pen, without boundaries.
Surely authors do write for themselves. That piece of work would be the pure Orange juice that comes straight from the orange and not from the tetra pack carton, laced with preservatives.

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  1. I told you, you are gifted with this talent.. It is wonderful.. I am more than that you took your first step in the world of writing.. :)