Monday, November 26, 2012

I start here

The best of thoughts come during the most unusual hours. While riding, in the shower, right before you fall asleep (too tired to get up and pen it down, and the next morning you definitely forget it).
It's not like you have a thought hour. We have study hours, work hours, some disciplined people even have bathroom timings. You can study, work..blah during these hours. But what about a dedicated hour of the day when you sit down with a nice leather bound diary, a crystal fountain pen-to pen down some nice thoughts.
That thing never happens. When you get a nice thought you are not in a position to note it down, and when you sit down to write, good thoughts continue to elude you. And they elude you more, when you especially go hunting for it.
So what is the connection inbetween them?
I guess I would have to say:
You don't catch a nice thought, a nice thought catches you.