Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Seattle Sky!

The sky is a hazy shade of blue-black.

You see the occasional scatter of light in the horizon like one of the stars are moving towards a secret sky. While your rationality argues if that is an airplane you focus your gaze on the trees. The trees no longer dance to the call of the wind. The wind, the harbinger of chill and doom has stripped down almost every one of them.

The incandescence from the street lamps roll on the wet streets trying to give warmth to the fallen, the leaves gasping for their last breath like a fish out of water.

The parking lot looks happy and content for all her kids are back in place. The kids breathe heavily for they have worked hard all day and now enjoy their moment of wait.

The police does his rounds in an aggressive piece of steel. One kid that runs through the night like the bad boy every mom fears his son would become. On the other side of the road sit a few of the tensed bad boys. People associate them with the Fire station. They always look tensed for they never know when they would have to scram. The signal lights lazily flicker although they expect none.

Within the window, his room is dark. There is a silent hum from the refrigerator and a white and bluish hue from all the computers running on standby. At the center lies a restless soul covered in bed sheets. Not wearing his specs, he squints hard at a handheld object emanating magical lights. The object occasionally breaks the silence of the room with a beep. This lights up his face and his fingers move restlessly over the light.

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